The Success Starter- Group Coaching Program- EARLY Early Bird Special 50% off! Price goes up July 1st!

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You've been invited to join.jpg

The Success Starter- Group Coaching Program- EARLY Early Bird Special 50% off! Price goes up July 1st!


This is a 12-week Coaching Program beginning September 1st.

Here is some of what you’ll learn:

  • Mindset shifting- How to maintain a positive mindset regardless of your situation or circumstances

  • The Six Human Needs- Understand why and how you make the decisions you do and how you can apply this same process to improve your personal and work relationships

  • Self-love- Learn how to truly and completely love yourself

  • Overcome fear and Anxiety

  • Gain Confidence

  • Learn to let go of the past so you can focus on the future

  • Goal Setting- Set long and short term goals

  • Prioritize and schedule your time

  • Improve communication skills at home and in the office

  • Understand family and reltionship dynamics

  • The secret formula to happiness

  • and much more…

Here is what to expect:

  1. At the start of each month you’ll receive an email with the content for you to start working on for that month. This content will include access to videos, written content, and homework for the month.

  2. Live Q&A calls with Julie and the other group members to review and answer any questions you might have about the material.

  3. Use the exclusive private Facebook Group to connect with the other Success Starter Members for Community support.

EARLY Early Bird Special Bonuses:

In addition to the program content you will receive:

Bonus #1 $1,000 *SAVINGS* on original program pricing

Bonus #2 One FREE 60 minute 1 on 1 Coaching call with Julie

Bonus #3 Monthly Live Q&A calls

Bonus #4 Access to the exclusive Success Starter Coaching Program Facebook Group where you can connect, share, and learn from your peers

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Why is this program a good fit for you?

The Success Starter Group Coaching Program is a great way for you to gain many of the basic self-development and life skills to help you feel more confident and organized while generating a sense of community with your fellow group members.

Julie has compiled some of the best, most used, and results-oriented coaching strategies into one program so that you can learn and apply these techniques on your own time while sharing and learning from the experiences of other group members.

How is this program different from other group coaching programs?

Unlike most other coaches, Julie works with clients on both a conscious and subconscious level. Through tools and techniques like Hypnosis and NLP, Julie will help you tap into the subconscious blocks that hold you back and keep you stuck. This program will include specific audio/video for you to listen to throughout your journey that will help support you in gaining focus, confidence, and motivation.

Why is now the best time for you to join?

Right now The Success Starter Coaching Program is 50% off and prices are going up July 1st. It is not an ongoing program. It is a 12-week Coaching Program exclusive to registered members. Once the doors close, that’s it! The next program won’t be available to join till next year.

What kind of results will you get?

This Program is designed to help you :

  • Improve your overall mindset

  • Gain clarity and focus

  • Improve relationships and communication skills

  • Reduce stress/anxiety

  • Enhance feelings of confidence and self-worth

  • Learn to set long and short term goals

  • Discover the best way to prioritize and schedule your time

  • Design a future you’re excited about

  • Promote an overall feeling of purpose

Are these results you’re interested in achieving?

If you said YES! click the Add to Cart button above and I’ll see you September1st!