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We all need to reboot sometimes, whether it’s because you simply want to earn more personal income, are in a sales slump, or you need to turnaround the business you’ve spent years building. 

Only, you aren’t sure where to start! There’s so much information out there—so many "plans," "fixes," and "solutions" … and you're afraid that no matter what you try, you'll end up feeling more frustrated, while achieving only lackluster results. 

If this sounds familiar, I have good news: you CAN learn how to develop a healthy sales pipeline that helps you achieve your revenue and income goals—while you enjoy your work, choose who you work with, and actually have peace-of-mind! 

Now, you have the opportunity to get expert advice on doing just that! Starting June 4th, my friend Brian Hughes, a successful Sales Performance Coach, is hosting a no-cost interview series, The Sales Reboot Summit: Strategies to Get Unstuck, Kickstart Your Pipeline and Accelerate Your Sales Results!

It brings together 21 experts (including me!) in Sales, Psychology, Personal Branding, and more to share our best advice for transitioning to a more successful business and sales career. Grab your spot at no cost, here: 

Sell Better, Live Better

When you go to the link above and sign up to claim your complimentary spot on this series of powerful conversations, you'll hear expert advice from Sales Trainers, Networking Experts, Linkedin and Personal Branding Experts, and world-renown Executive Coaches. You'll discover exactly where to start and how to transition to a personalized sales strategy that works for you and your business. 

Specifically, you learn:

·     Where to start when stuck and struggling in producing sales results, and how to make the transition as quickly as possible.

·     How to deal with emotional roadblocks and triggers that knock you off-track and distance you from your goals. 

·     The truth about what you should and shouldn't do, when approaching a new potential prospect or business partnership. 

·     Creative, innovative, and effective strategies to position yourself for success online and offline. 

·     Tips for networking, prospecting, handling conflicts, and mastering your own mental toughness, so you can go out, earn more and enjoy yourself without getting derailed.

·     And more. 

In short, you'll walk away with the information you need to clarify and accomplish your personal sales goals, enjoy more free time, and have more fun along the way! 

Brian is the perfect person to host this interview series. He's experienced his own sales issues (total burnout, tons of rejection, etc.). In seeking solutions, he massively changed his thinking and approach, embracing the new strategies that work. As a result, his personal income has exploded, he has more opportunities than ever, and he feels more optimistic about the future … and he’s having more fun along the way! 

Now, he's on a mission to share what he's learned—and to show people like you that it is possible to get your business back on track and earn what you know you’re worth. It's all about the decisions you make day-after-day and partnering with those who have been in your shoes, faced the same challenges, and turned it around! 😉

This is your journey, and wherever you're starting from, it's exactly the right place.

Join us starting June 4thfor The Sales Reboot Summit. Reserve your spot, at no cost, here: 

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To your success,

Julie Holmes

P.S. What would it be worth to you to completely change your professional life and business by revolutionizing the way you think about and approach selling? You could begin that revolution, today, right here, when you sign up to join us for The Sales Reboot Summit: Strategies to Get Unstuck, Kickstart Your Pipeline and Accelerate Your Sales Results. 

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