The Best Dating Conversation Questions


Level 1. Questions-Location/Occasion

Ask open-ended nonthreatening questions about where you are or what's happening around you. Remember these are NOT yes or no questions.

These questions are meant to be used as simple conversation starters. 


Level 2. Questions-Career Passion

Ask them what they do and if they LOVE it? If they don't love what they do, ask them what they would rather be doing instead or get them talking about what they are passionate about. 

Why this works: When they are talking about what they love they are generating that good feeling within them and are linking the feeling up with you.


Level 3. Questions-Past pleasant childhood experiences

Get them talking about great childhood memories that light them up. You can start by asking where they grew up and What they did for fun. when you see them talking about something that makes them light, up run with it.

Why this works: When they are accessing memories from the past they have to go back in time in their mind, and when they do they take you with them. 

BONUS TIP: Remember to echo their key words and phrases in the exact order and sequence they stated them. This will make them feel both heard and understood. 


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