Life Coaching Success Stories


Take a moment to read how my Life Coaching services have directly impacted my clients lives to learn more about their success stories. I appreciate that they took the time to share their experiences, so others can learn more about the work that I do.

“What I love about Julie is how she gets right to the crux of it and solves my problems. She is truly making me a better person and changing my life, one session at a time. Our sessions feel like talking to a really wise superstar best friend who gives practical readily applicable advice and gets me RESULTS! Talking to her feels so safe, I tell her about my life and issues and don’t feel the need to be defensive as she does not judge. On the contrary, she constantly sees me as I see myself and sees the good in me. I’m so grateful to have her in my life. #bestlifecoach ever!!!” 

-M.C. New Jersey

“Before I started working with Julie everything seemed overwhelming, professionally and personally. I knew I needed some help to get a different perspective on my life, but did not know where to turn. I interviewed a few other life coaches and what was great about Julie was that she did not try to tell you what was wrong in the first 30 minutes of talking like others did. Julie was different, you left the call feeling like you had someone in your corner who did not judge you or your situation. I have worked with Julie for 6 months and my life has changed dramatically. I came into our sessions with low self esteem and the feeling that the world was stacked against me which led to struggles in both my professional and personal life. She not only helped me change my attitude through a variety of exercises, but she has helped me start a new business that I am so passionate about.  What was overwhelming to me at first, became much easier through timelines and weekly goals that we broke down together. Julie not only empowers you to achieve your goals, but goes the extra mile to help you in any way possible to be your best. I do not think that on my own in 3 years I could have accomplished what I did in 6 months with Julie. The best decision of my life thus far was working with her as a life coach.”

-Julie M. New York City

“I am someone who has spent most of my life with a great deal of anxiety.  I put a lot of pressure on myself to be what I think everyone else wants me to be.  I believed my parents want me to be a successful business man, my partner wants me to be carefree, my friends want me to be available, society wants me to be good looking, and I want to be a successful performer.  It’s very easy for me to forget that all any of them REALLY want is for me to be happy.

This year I lost my job, ended my marriage, took on more financial responsibility, fell in love with someone 13 years my junior, lost my health benefits, could no longer afford therapy, accrued more debt than I’ve ever seen in my life, and cashed in my 401k to get through the unemployment.  I had no idea how to deal with any of this positively.  For someone who fears instability and change, nothing could be more overwhelming.  Instead of seeing the positive aspects of the changes that have occurred in my life I went back to my usual thought process:  I am doomed to fail, will lose everyone and everything I love, and live every day with uncertainty.

Julie Holmes started coaching me at a time when everything should have been great and I could not get past my cloud of misery and confusion.  Now instead of seeing the list of problems I mentioned above, I see the list of blessings.  I am in the best relationship of my life, I am told I look ten years younger than I am on a regular basis, I just recorded my first album, and I have an amazing group of friends who have never once seen me as that strange little boy who used to get beat up on and made fun of in the school playground.   I am focusing on my career goals rather than taking a job that provides an easily expendable sense of security.  I believe that there is no such thing as a no way out situation.  I will continue to work with Julie, define my goals, and learn how to stop seeing the clouds and see the silver lining instead.”

Keith B. -New York City

“I found Julie through a Google search. I checked out a bunch of life coach websites and Julie’s spoke to me. It was clean, and to the point. I liked what she had to say, and how she said it. I had consultations with a few other coaches, but I felt most comfortable with Julie, and got the feeling she understood me, so I signed up.

Julie’s been coaching me for two months now, and the results speak for themselves. First, I somehow secured enough new business to be able to take my daughters on a vacation at the end of the summer, then I got a new job and quit smoking after 25 years. Now, I exercise and go to the gym regularly, and I’m feeling better than I have in years.

With Julie on my side, I’m accomplishing more every day, and I’m optimistic about my future. As long as you’re committed, I’m sure that Julie can do the same for you.”

-Jacob S.  New York City

“Sometimes we move so fast, that often we lose track of our goals and where we are going.

Julie keeps me on track. First of all, she is easy to talk to, and is very understanding/empathetic of my struggles. Second, she helps to find the root of the problem, which is often a need that is not being met something we are often not even aware of. Finally, she provides the motivation to make the positive changes. She is also very creative in providing ideas and giving many options on how exactly to take action.

I personally needed a push to get my business and career moving, but had trepidation and was terrified of failure. Julie has walked me through every step of the process, taking one day at a time.

This is not standard self help non-sense. Julie pulls from her experiences and truly understands the difficulties I face in a realistic and manageable way. She is a very open and kind woman, and really really cares about her clients.

Just having her support has made such a positive impact on my life. I highly recommend working with her. Get started in the new year right!”

-J. Holtzman Chicago

“I have been with Julie only a few months but she is AMAZING!!! She keeps me motivated, focused, and I have seen tremendous results!!! She is fun, funny, and I look forward to my sessions with her! HIGHLY recommended!!!”

-John S. NYC

“Julie has been my life coach for over six months now. Deciding to consult with Julie has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Feeling a little overwhelmed by relationship issues as well as job and financial problems, I felt that I needed to try something different. The usual thing of talking with friends and family just wasn’t working. So, I reached out to Julie.

During the course of our many conversations, Julie and I took a really good look at the issues confronting me, and just how I was dealing with them.

Very down to earth and easy to talk to, Julie helped me to create a “game plan”, to change my life for the better.

Unlike a lot of professionals in the self-help business, Julie doesn’t talk at you. Kind and genuine, Julie really listens!

Julie gives her clients solid, common sense advice, tailored to each individuals’ unique personality and the various life issues he or she is dealing with.

Julie’s most valuable lesson (and there have been many) was, while we can’t control what happens to us in life, we can control how we deal with things.

To use a sports analogy, Julie Holmes is a “game-changer”. I know that she has made a real difference in my life. I look forward to many more fruitful conversations withJulie”.

-Victor M. NYC

“My journey with Julie has gone from ‘hopeless to hopeful’. Julie has helped me be much clearer with my values and helps me see things in a different light. Her coaching style has helped me with so many things. She is very passionate and professional; her tools make it easy to keep things in perspective and by doing so, everyday challenges/situations don’t seem to be so overwhelming. She is amazing and has been a huge help in my life. She has given a great gift to pass on to others.”

-Lisa R. NYC