7 Steps to Guarantee You will Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions

You know the routine. As the holidays roll around we get stressed, overeat, get lazy, and indulge in other kinds of bad behavior that we later regret. Then New Year’s Eve approaches. Could there be a more perfect time to start a new?

You make your resolution to start fresh. Whether it’s to lose weight, start exercising, stop smoking, or make more money, there is always something we want or know we can improve.

Congratulations to those of you who make and keep your resolutions every year, but for most of us, life happens along the way to throw us off our positive new path. One minor setback and we conclude that we have…failed.

It’s an all or nothing attitude. It’s so easy to throw in the towel and call it quits! Tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year I’ll do it. Living on borrowed time doesn’t serve anyone.

So what is the key to successfully achieving your New Year’s resolution? I’m about to tell you. Follow these 7 steps diligently and I guarantee you can accomplish anything!

1. Focus on the positive- Worrying about failure keeps you focused on the past. There is no failure only feedback. Examine the results you’ve already gotten even if they are unwanted. Figure out what went wrong, and you can better prepare yourself the next time that obstacle arises.  Focus on the possibilities, and move forward.

2. Perception is key- Your beliefs, values, and mindset set you up to either fail or succeed. If you have thoughts that are not serving you such as: I can’t, It’s too hard, or That’s just not how I operate, these are beliefs that you have created about yourself. Through time, you’ve developed your identity, and you can change it more quickly than you think. Start believing things are possible that you once couldn’t conceive as true, and watch how the world around you changes. You can’t change the world, but you can change your perception of it. If you believe it will be easy, it will!

3. Model someone else- If you have figured out what it is that you want to change but aren’t sure how to get the proper results, find someone who has achieved what you want. Study what they do to get results. Then follow in their footsteps and program yourself to think and act as they do. It’s always helpful to have a mentor or a role model. If someone else did it so can you.

4. No Excuses- When things don’t go as planned and you have a minor setback, accept responsibility. Excuses like: I was too tired, I was at a party, I didn’t want to be rude, etc. No one has power over you or the choices you make. You are completely in control. You must always take responsibility for your action or inaction. It’s true that you are a human being and we all make mistakes. So don’t beat yourself up if you stumble. Pick yourself up with dignity, admit you messed up, and keep going. If you are doing something that isn’t working, try something else. And eventually you will succeed.

5. Be VERY clear about what you want to achieve- “I want to be healthier” or “I want to earn more money” are very fluffy goals. What do they mean? Does healthier mean you want to stop drinking and smoking every night, or do you want to become a vegan and exercise every day? If you want to make more money, how will you spend it? What does your lifestyle look like? The key is to set up goals that are tangible and have a timeline. Start with where you want to be ten years from now and work your way back to 5 years, 1 year, 6 months, 3 months, and then create weekly, and daily goals. Every night write down your goals, what you have accomplished today and what you plan to do tomorrow. You must check in every day with yourself. This will help you stay on track.

6. Attitude is everything- You have to keep a positive mental attitude. Change isn’t always easy but with determination and relentlessness, anything is possible!

7. Visualize the Future- Spend time thinking about living with your new plan, schedule, or life. What will day to day be like? Then think about yourself one year from now having achieved your goal. How will you feel? How proud are you of yourself? This is your new better life! Enjoy it. You’ve earned it. 

Here’s a video on How to Follow Through on Goals